My vacation/training in Orlando, Florida Pt. 2

February 21, 2007

     Well, its 7:20 am and we have made 3 stops already. The reasons was because someone thought one of the doors was open and the tire pressure gauge showed up on the dashboard. After we got those things taken care of, we were finally back on track.
     We listen to some gospel music for only 2 reasons: 1)Because it was Sunday (mainly) and 2)There was nothing else to listen to. That lasted about 2 hours because the station we were listening to was increasing with static. We kept turning the channel on the radio to find anything to listen to, but unfortunately, there was nothing. So we decided to reminense among one another. Talking about the general manager’s driving (which was hilarous because of his humor), one of the co-worker’s snoring, and anything else that comes to mind.
     We made our last stop in Fort Stewart, Savannah, Georgia to pick up a few items and eat from the food court as well. After that, we also bought so lottery tickets (but nobody won anything except “sadness”) and was back on the road.
     Finally! We made in to Orlando, Florida around a quarter to 4:00 pm. And it was very cold when we got there. I’m guessing the reason for that was because there was a torando storm that hit Central Florida 2 days prior to us leaving. And most surprisingly…I stand awake the entire drive!! Now usually I might fall asleep if I’m traveling a long distant (when I’m not driving that is). Thats because I was between 2 other co-workers and there was no way in hell I could fall asleep even if I wanted to.
     We got to our hotel called Crestwood Suite. It didn’t look “Sweet” to me. Thats when we realized that it was a different Crestwood Suite that we saw in the picture we had. We all had our seperate rooms (thank god!)and as soon as I got in my room, I started to disinfect every single thing in my room. From the bed to the tiles that were in my shower.
     After a few hours of resting, we decided to look for the Manchu Wok resturant that we will start working in the next day. It was simple enough because it was down the street from our hotel in the Florida Mall. After we saw what the resturant looked like, we went driving around to find any stores we like to go to. Everyone wanted to go to a Super Wal-mart because its our so-called “favorite store”. But we spent almost 4 hours looking for a Super Wal-mart. And to make matters worse…the nearest Super Wal-mart was right down the street from our hotel going the other direction from the Florida Mall (DEE! DEE! DEE!). After our long journey of finding all the places we might want to go, we head back to our rooms and prepared for the training that was ahead of us.

*To be continued…


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