My vacation/training in Orlando, Florida Pt. 3

February 21, 2007

     The time now is 8:00 am on a Monday.  Got up, took a shower, eat some breakfast and all that jazz and met with the rest of the co-workers in the lobby to leave around 9:30.  We go to Machu Wok a little early, so we sat down until our training instructor showed up (who was chinese).  His name is Ben Lee and the first thing that caught my attention was his TEETH!!!  I have not seen so many gaps in someone’s mouth except a 2  year old with hardly any teeth.  And to make matters worse, he was a smoker.  I bet you when he is smoking, he sits his cigarretes in the gaps in his mouth.

     Anyways, he greeted us with the friendliest smile you could ever see on somebodys face, which looked kind of fake to me because before he approached us, it looked like he had a “I don’t feel like doing this” face.  We sat down with him and he gave each of us a folder about the procedures that we are going to learn for the next 2 weeks.  Each day will be something different from the previous.  As he was talking to us, we would usually add a joke or funny comment and he would laugh so hard (which really wasn’t funny, but I guess you got to follow the code of the “Romans”).

     He took us in the back area where they prep their food and other ingredients that way we could get a feeling of what we’re going to work in.  After the big introduction, Ben had us do some prep of the vegetables, like the onions, cabbage, broccoli and all that jazz.  When we was done, it was a quarter to 5:00 pm and we were tired!!!  After we left Manchu Wok for the day, me and the other co-workers started to talk about every single thing that took place at Manchu Wok.  The fact that they had nothing but hispanic people working in Manchu Wok and didn’t speak a hint of english (only 2 can speak english), they didn’t use any gloves while prepping their meats and sauces (except us), and the place wasn’t very sanatized.  I have never seen so many roaches in my entire life!

     As I entered my room, I immediately took off my uniform, took a shower, and got back in my sleepwear (a.k.a. “comfort mode”).  After eating some dinner that I made, I watched a little tv and I went to bed.  But before I closed my eyes, I was thinking to myself (2 weeks of this?  Its going be a “Fantastic Voyage”).  Sarcasim.  It is a good thing.

 *To be continued…


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