My vacation/training in Orlando, Florida Pt. 4

February 24, 2007

Well, today is Saturday, Feburary 10, 2007. The time now is 4:30 pm. Me and the rest of my co-workers are Tired…once again! Throughout the first week, we been working our butts off. Which is now surprise to me because there is a lot of stuff that we had to learn about. But it didn’t really bother me because there were some cute hispanic women working with us. If only I was living in Florida, I could have flirt with them a little bit…and if only they weren’t married and had kids would have helped too. Not only did we prep vegetables, we also had to learn to prep the meats, the sauces, and most importantly…the rice. “There wouldn’t be a Manchu Wok if there wasn’t any rice” Ben would always say. By hearing all the things that you heard, you think that it will be easy. It is except for one thing…There are over 30 recipes that we had to remember. MAN! THATS A LOT OF RECIPES!!! I’ll just name of few so you know what Mancu Wok has to offer.
First, we must always have our Oriental Grilled Chicken. This helps bring in our customers a lot when we are giving samples to the customers. Sometimes customers will asks us “Do you have Bourben Chicken?”, but we always point to the Oriental Grilled Chicken to make sure that we can get there business. Next, we have the Kung Pao Chicken. This dish is spicy, so if you like spicy foods, I recommend this. It comes with red and green peppers, onions,with a little of sun-dried hot peppers,crushed peppers, and garlic to give it it’s spicy flavor and its covered with fried peanuts (not too fried though). And we have the Orange Chicken. This dish is includes crispy chicken that is cooked in a made-from-scratch orange sauce that is made with orange juice, sliced oranges and peels to really make the chicken taste like oranges (hencing the name) and covered with onions, green peppers and sesame seeds.
Thats just to name the few dishes of Manchu Wok. But as of right now, I just can’t wait to get back to my room. That way I can finish the rest of my homework I got downloaded from one of my instructors the night before. And mostly, tomorrow is our day off and we’ve made plays to go out to Disney World or Orlando Studios. Either way, we our going to have fun tomorrow.


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