My vacation/training in Orlando, Florida Pt. 6

February 25, 2007

Its Friday, Feburary 16, 2007. The time now is 6:00 am. I’m downstairs in front of the hotel with the other co-workers packing all of our stuff so we can get ready to return to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Everyone was excited to just return home to their families and friends. But wait! What happened after our day off to the Universal Studios and Downtown Disney?
Well, from Monday to Thursday, the majority of the time was spent on getting use to cooking on the woks. Ben told us that we were learning very fast and ahead of the work schedule that we were suppose to follow. So he decided that we will learn how to use the different size woks and on Wednesday and Thursday we will take turns working day and night shifts. He split us into 2 groups. The first group will work the morning shift on Wednesday (luckly I was in the first group) and the second group will work the night shift. And we will switch on Thursday and do the same.
On Wednesday, we decided to give our General Manager (Billy Wood) a Valentines Day gift to show him we really appreciate what he’s done for us ever since he started working with us last year. So after we got off that Wednesday afternoon, me and one of the co-workers decided to get him a few things. We got a small glass vase and some balloons from the Dollar Tree and we got the candy to put inside the vase from Target. We was going to get some more things from Wal-Mart, but we know it will be packed inside. So after the second group got off the night shift, we all met in my room to make sure all the preparations were ready and we delivered it to Billy. He was surprised and happy that he got a give from all of us. And it all cost us only $23 dollars (he doesn’t need to know all that). On our last day, we gave Ben and his co-workers a farewell card to show our appriciation for all they’ve done for us. We said our goodbyes and left that night from Mancuh Wok, even though we were all happy to leave. Now back to our trip back to Columbia, South Carolina.
Since we left our hotel before 7:00 am, we figured that we will be in Columbia by 1:30 pm or so. So we stopped to get some breakfast from McDonalds, fill the van with gas, and we were back on the interstate. On the way back, we were all reminiscing about what we thought about the Manchu Wok. We all said that it wasn’t very sanitary and had so many roaches down there that it didn’t make any sense. But Billy told us that our job is to learn the proper procedures in Manchu Wok and not about the sanitation that takes place. So we just left it at that. After a couple of hours of listening to my Ipod(and loud snoring from 2 of the co-workers), we finally made it back to Fort Jackson. I knew the other co-workers were happy too and the 2 co-workers that were sleeping “mysteriously” woke up at the same time we appeared at the entrance of gate 2 of Fort Jackson. After I saw the entrance to gate 2 of Fort Jackson, I said to myself “It was great to be back”. Now all we have to do is make preparations to get the Machu Wok on Fort Jackson ready for March. Its gonna be hard, but we must go forward in life to get things done, I guess.

The End (arent’t you glad this is the end?)


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