Opinion of Brokeback Mountian

March 1, 2007

     Now when you hear the name “BrokeBack Mountian”, you get all these negative ideas in your head and claiming that you will never see a movie like that.  Even if you just heard rumors or read about the movie, you thought to yourself that you will not see this movie.  Unfortunately, I did see the movie two days ago.  The only thing I like about the movie is the story plot.  Its just about two men who get intimate with one another on the a mountian called “BrokeBack” during the summer.  The intimancy starts from a night of heavy drinking with both Ennis and Jack and  their feelings for one another deepens as the years passes by.

     In terms of tradition, I don’t think that there should be any homosexual relationships at all because it is disgusting and its stated in the Bible.  But there is a question that appears not too often in the minds of others when it comes to this subject.  Are they happy?  This question not only applies to homosexuals, but also heterosexuals as well.  I mean, if you are happy with being intimate with the same sex, then that should all that matters, regardless.  In the era we live in now, there are more people “coming out of the closet” than in the past.  Back in the old days, if someone’s homosexuality was broadcast around there area, then there would be trouble for them.  From name calling to possibly killing them because of their homosexuality.  But times has change, and since man-kind has learned to accept ‘whatever is whatever’ people are becoming less frightened to broadcast their sexuality.  I’m not much of a christian, but more of an open-minded person.  So if you prefer a man over a woman or vise versa, then hell, go all out.  If that what brings you happiness, then you keep it.  There are too many people getting hurt because of this matter.  The feelings of others should be taken in account for rather than to shut out them out of your lives because of their preferences.  As long as that love still exists in your heart for one another, then everyone is an equal.

     You know, a couple of days ago, a friend at work ask me about another co-worker stated that the way she moves and acts gives her the impression that she is a homosexual.  Saying she acts more like a boy than a girl and looking at attractive females instead of attractive males.  I told her:  “Thats fine with me.  That just lets me know that girl and myself both like females”.


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