The Real World: Denver

March 2, 2007

I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people who are familiar with the Real World series on MTV. For thoses who are not familar with it, The Real World series is a reality show that that follows the lives of seven different people from different places all over the world in one house in a differents state. The current Real World season is taking place in Denver, Colorado.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I was discussing my opinion about the movie BrokeBack Mountian (Look for “Opinion of BrokeBack Mountian” if you didn’t read it yet) and it reminded me of a certain person in the current season that goes by the name of J. Davis Mallory, IV, also known as Davis. He is a homosexual who was raised in a christian family. But he didn’t discovered his homosexuality until in his teens. After he told his mother about it, his mother had a complete fit. His mother made comments like he is going to hell, he’s not her son, and all sorts of things you probably wouldn’t hear about one’s own son.
Just hearing something like that just hurts me down to the core. To hear your own mother say something like that to you instead of being open-minded is very difficult. But you know what? I have a remedy for that. Not a remedy, but more like advice from one person to another. “If you ever find yourself in a tough situation, a situation that might seem unbearable, the answer to conquer this is to MOVE FOWARD”. Regardless if you get a positive or negative results, you have to move foward in order to conquer one’s fears, frustrations, and doubts instead of doing nothing in the process. And if don’t do nothing because you thought it wouldn’t help at all, then you will be doing less than nothing. Because time does not stop for nobody in this world, no matter how much we would want it to.


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