Long day @ work

March 4, 2007

Man I tell you…I AM TIRED!!! I never felt this tired from work in a long time. But I got to do what I got to do (mostly because of bills). I clocked in at 1:30 pm and already someone is complianing about who was suppose to open up Frank’s Franks (a hotdog stand) this morning and they all looked at me. Well, if they looked at the schedule (Justin: Saturday: 13:30-20:00) the other co-workers should shut their mouths right about now. And thats when we realized that our Store Manager (Billy Wood) messed up on the schedule again “DEE! DEE! DEE!”.
Next, you got the ordinary drama that lingers in the foodcourt. There has been a report of several workers in each shop (except for Frank’s Franks and Cinnabon) that has either given items at a discount price to other customers or stealing money from the station itself during the night shift. And because of that, most of the night shift of the shops in question are lacking in labor. So now they are pulling reliable workers”like myself” from the other shops to fill in. And now I will be working not only in Frank’s Franks, but also in Anthony’s Pizza and possibly Charley’s Steakery. I hope they get this labor problem fixed. Because when Manchu Wok opens on the 24th of March, we won’t be able to lend workers to other shops if they need help (especially on Family and Graduation Days). Oh well, “keep moving forward” and “go with the flow” I guess. I just need a good nights sleep and everything will be okay at work ( I hope). Good Night.


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