Long time no see

March 5, 2007

I’m just driving to my house after work and all of a sudden I see a silver chrysler 300 parked in from of my house. I slowly approached the car to take a look at it and thought to myself “Since its a new 300, it must belong to one of my mom’s military friends”. And as soon as I walk in the kitchen area, I saw one of our best friends in the family that goes by the name of Lisa Shopshire.
Lisa Shopshire is one of my mom’s friends from the military. She used to be a drill sergant but moved to Georgia for a different job. She has a daughter that we use to take care of when she was little all the time. Now her daughter is 15 years old and taller than me. TALLER THAN ME!!! This girl used to be shorter than my mom (and my mom is short). I gotta see this for myself whenever she visits us.
Lisa has already been at my house talking to my mom since 5:00 in the afternoon. Just talking and laughing about the things that happened to us in the past and present. Mostly they were funny incidents that happened. Just this past Valentines Day, my dad got my mom, sister, and myself a Valentines gift for us. With my sister’s gift, she got a basket with a white bear sitting in the middle of the basket. My sister was so happy to get such a gift. When my mom saw the gift, she kept looking at the white bear in the basket. She then looked back and forth from the fireplace to my sister’s white bear and realized something. The same white bear that was in my sister’s basket was the same white bear that I gave my mom 2 years ago. When my mom told my dad about it, all he can say was “huh?”
We all had fun. Just getting together with old friends and talking. Lisa was only was here for 2 weeks because of her job so she will visit us again this Friday or Saturday. I don’t mind because man I tell you. She is a good M.I.L.F. For those who don’t know what a M.I.L.F. is, just “google” it and you will find out. Until the next time, good night


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