The heat is over!

March 8, 2007

     Its my last day in my Critical Thinking class and it is going to be a ball!  Besides the final quiz, we are having a debat presentation on the topics that we were given last week.  The topic I choose was “Legalized Euthanasia”.  It took me a moment to remember what Euthanasia was, but after a while it came back to me.  For those who don’t know, Euthanasia is the practice of terminating the life so as to release and individual from a terminal illness or intolerable suffering (legal injection and all that jazz).  We just had to give the pros about the subject.  The other group that we were against was doing the same, except they were doing the cons of Euthanasia.  I was planning on putting on a George Bush mask, but I couldn’t find one in time, so go with the flow.  Overall, it was really fun.  We all acted like we were in a real political debate.  But all good things come to a end.  I hope we both did good on our presentations.  Same for our opponents as well.   I can’t wait to see what my next term in school will be like.  Until next time, in the infamous words of dredmanj…(Roc on!)


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