a week and a half…

March 9, 2007

As of today, we have approximately a week and a half until the new Manch Wok is up and running on Fort Jackson(3/20/07). All of our equipment came in and now its time for us to get everything ready. The food order came it today so we can cook the food items, but we have to clean all the food contianers and utensals and set up the shop first. One of the co-workers have spent all day just cleaning these food contianers and utensals. I knew we had a lot of stuff but damn.

Next is having enough workers in Manchu Wok. Ever since last friday, the food court has been struggling because of the lack of workers. But hopefully we will get enough workers to come in because our manager of Manchu Wok has been interviewing a lot of people applying for Manchu Wok. So far we have 5 extra workers and still counting.

Next friday will be the actual training for Manchu Wok before the grand opening. To tell you the truth, I don’t think think that all this preparing isn’t going to work. Everything involved in getting the construction of Manchu Wok was screwed up, the timing was offset, and the store manager was basically trying to find more ways to make more money, but instead he is wasting it. Everyone told the store manager that all this should had been taken care of before or right after we got back from Orlando, Florida. But since he’s the store manager, we have to do what he says. Let me call it a day because I gotta go to work in the morning and hear more compliants about some things that could have been dealt with properly. So in the infamous words of dredmanj…Roc on!


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