Oh my!!!

March 13, 2007

     I’m glad to be back writing these posts again because I haven’t been feeling well since last Friday.  I’ve been throwing up all Friday night and Saturday morning.  But I’m feeling a little better now with the exception of a queezy stomach, but its nothing a bottle of ginger-ale soda can’t cure ( I hope).  Note to self:  “Don’t eat at another Burger King on Fort Jackson for a while”.  Either its food poisoning or just some bug.  Let me stop before someone gets sick while reading this post.

     Anyways, I already started my new term just this past Monday.  For all the Technology students, we have Routers 1(Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Introduction to Computer Configurations (Mondays and Wednesdays).  In the Introduction to Computer Configurations class, our books are HUGE!!!  They look more like a bible than a textbook.  Its just a thick study guide to get prepare on taking the A+ certification test.  Compare to the Networking Certification test, its easy (as we’re told).  But I hope it won’t be too complicated when we do take it.  Well, I’m about to start my first class of Routers 1 today, which we will do more hands-on than reading anyways.  So, in the infamous words of dredmanj…”Roc on!”


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