What’s Happening?!

April 21, 2007

     What’s happening everybody?  It’s been 2 decades and a month since I last blogged (ok maybe a month and some change).  But with work and school, I guess its to be expected.  On the last blogg I wrote, I stated that I will show some of my work from my portfollio.  I still plan on doing it, but I still need to find my scanner (it would be easier if I wasn’t living in this big house).

     Just to let you know, the kind of reference that I used in my portfollio came from 2 books:  How to draw manga series and Erotic Manga.  The How to draw manga series give some great detail on how to draw characters like the pros do.  I’m interested in this sort of thing because I want to do character design in the game development field.  Now the Erotic Manga book…just takes manga drawing to a new level.  But the reason I bought this book was because this book was published by Collins College…Collins College of all places!!!  Thats one of the top leading schools involving the game development field.  But I’m focusing most of my work from the How to draw manga series, not to say the Erotic Manga book wouldn’t come in handy (it better be for $25). 

     Oh…and just to put this out, today is my birthday!!!  I just turned 23.  Some people keep saying that I’m getting old or getting better.  To me, I’m just enjoying my life one day at a time.  Until next time, in the infamous words of dredmanj…ROC ON!!!  Good night.


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