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Trying to draw again

March 3, 2007

Its been a while since I drew anything in my portfolio. The last time I drew a picture inside of it was when I was trying to get accepted to Savannah College or Art and Design (SCAD) in 2005. I always told myself that whenever I get a day off of work, school, or both, I will spend the entire day doing nothing but draw. But unfortunately, that never happens. There is always something a comes up to prevent me from drawing. Family, friends, and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad thing. It just that these constant interuptions always occur whenever I get a day off of work, school, or both. Thats why I didn’t get accepted to SCAD at the time.
When I first tried to apply for SCAD, I got all the proper procedures out of way. The only thing left was my portfolio. There had to be 10 original drawings of my work inside that portfolio. So what I decided to do is get some books on learning how to draw different types of characters. Since I’m into the Japanese animation sort of thing, the books I purchased are called “How to draw Manga” series. They tell you step-by-step in great (sometimes confusing) details on how to draw different characters. It started off real well, until I get to a certain aspect of a character and I had to buy a different book to learn it. Things like how to get the different shape of a person’s head, hair style, arms, legs, feet, and all sorts of stuff.
So my question to anyone who is reading this post right now, if you know any references that has anything to do with drawing, please respond to this post as soon as you can. I would really appriciate it so much. I just don’t want my skills in drawing to diminish with the time that it passing by as we speak.