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What’s Happening?!

April 21, 2007

     What’s happening everybody?  It’s been 2 decades and a month since I last blogged (ok maybe a month and some change).  But with work and school, I guess its to be expected.  On the last blogg I wrote, I stated that I will show some of my work from my portfollio.  I still plan on doing it, but I still need to find my scanner (it would be easier if I wasn’t living in this big house).

     Just to let you know, the kind of reference that I used in my portfollio came from 2 books:  How to draw manga series and Erotic Manga.  The How to draw manga series give some great detail on how to draw characters like the pros do.  I’m interested in this sort of thing because I want to do character design in the game development field.  Now the Erotic Manga book…just takes manga drawing to a new level.  But the reason I bought this book was because this book was published by Collins College…Collins College of all places!!!  Thats one of the top leading schools involving the game development field.  But I’m focusing most of my work from the How to draw manga series, not to say the Erotic Manga book wouldn’t come in handy (it better be for $25). 

     Oh…and just to put this out, today is my birthday!!!  I just turned 23.  Some people keep saying that I’m getting old or getting better.  To me, I’m just enjoying my life one day at a time.  Until next time, in the infamous words of dredmanj…ROC ON!!!  Good night.


Oh my!!!

March 13, 2007

     I’m glad to be back writing these posts again because I haven’t been feeling well since last Friday.  I’ve been throwing up all Friday night and Saturday morning.  But I’m feeling a little better now with the exception of a queezy stomach, but its nothing a bottle of ginger-ale soda can’t cure ( I hope).  Note to self:  “Don’t eat at another Burger King on Fort Jackson for a while”.  Either its food poisoning or just some bug.  Let me stop before someone gets sick while reading this post.

     Anyways, I already started my new term just this past Monday.  For all the Technology students, we have Routers 1(Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Introduction to Computer Configurations (Mondays and Wednesdays).  In the Introduction to Computer Configurations class, our books are HUGE!!!  They look more like a bible than a textbook.  Its just a thick study guide to get prepare on taking the A+ certification test.  Compare to the Networking Certification test, its easy (as we’re told).  But I hope it won’t be too complicated when we do take it.  Well, I’m about to start my first class of Routers 1 today, which we will do more hands-on than reading anyways.  So, in the infamous words of dredmanj…”Roc on!”


a week and a half…

March 9, 2007

As of today, we have approximately a week and a half until the new Manch Wok is up and running on Fort Jackson(3/20/07). All of our equipment came in and now its time for us to get everything ready. The food order came it today so we can cook the food items, but we have to clean all the food contianers and utensals and set up the shop first. One of the co-workers have spent all day just cleaning these food contianers and utensals. I knew we had a lot of stuff but damn.

Next is having enough workers in Manchu Wok. Ever since last friday, the food court has been struggling because of the lack of workers. But hopefully we will get enough workers to come in because our manager of Manchu Wok has been interviewing a lot of people applying for Manchu Wok. So far we have 5 extra workers and still counting.

Next friday will be the actual training for Manchu Wok before the grand opening. To tell you the truth, I don’t think think that all this preparing isn’t going to work. Everything involved in getting the construction of Manchu Wok was screwed up, the timing was offset, and the store manager was basically trying to find more ways to make more money, but instead he is wasting it. Everyone told the store manager that all this should had been taken care of before or right after we got back from Orlando, Florida. But since he’s the store manager, we have to do what he says. Let me call it a day because I gotta go to work in the morning and hear more compliants about some things that could have been dealt with properly. So in the infamous words of dredmanj…Roc on!


The heat is over!

March 8, 2007

     Its my last day in my Critical Thinking class and it is going to be a ball!  Besides the final quiz, we are having a debat presentation on the topics that we were given last week.  The topic I choose was “Legalized Euthanasia”.  It took me a moment to remember what Euthanasia was, but after a while it came back to me.  For those who don’t know, Euthanasia is the practice of terminating the life so as to release and individual from a terminal illness or intolerable suffering (legal injection and all that jazz).  We just had to give the pros about the subject.  The other group that we were against was doing the same, except they were doing the cons of Euthanasia.  I was planning on putting on a George Bush mask, but I couldn’t find one in time, so go with the flow.  Overall, it was really fun.  We all acted like we were in a real political debate.  But all good things come to a end.  I hope we both did good on our presentations.  Same for our opponents as well.   I can’t wait to see what my next term in school will be like.  Until next time, in the infamous words of dredmanj…(Roc on!)


The time has arrived!

March 7, 2007

If anyone can recall my last post “And the journey continues…”, I said I will post a picture of my experience playing with the Photoshop software. Now I will show 2 versions of the same picture. This picture was taken during my training/vacation in Orlando, Florida. The first one is the original called “Justin with Bob Marley 1” and the second one is called “Justin with Bob Marley 2”. The “Justin with Bob Marley 2” is the picture that I had experimented on with Photoshop. And for thoses who noticed something a little odd about the picture, “get your minds out of the gutter!”. And for thoses who didn’t get the idea, I’ll give you a hint: “It involves my head”. That is all and enjoy!


And the journey continues…

March 7, 2007

     I finally got the chance to try out the copy of Photoshop a friend gave to me a while back and I tell you…It looks amazing (also complex).  It looks like a complete workshop that provides all the necessities to help you get started.  Just like the game development software that I got last year.  Too bad this software was a trial version, which really didn’t surprise me.  One of these days I’ll get the real deal.

     The first thing I did was read some of the basic functions of the software so I won’t get lost (like the first 5 seconds of looking at the screen).  After that, I uploaded some of the pictures that I had taken from my trip to Orlando, Florida and went crazy.  I chose one picture that shows me just smiling bigger than that Kool-Aid guy in the commercials.  I just changed the color of the background and foreground to see how it looks and I had fun messing with it as well.  I’ll try to upload the picture I messed with earlier today (the lastest: tommorrow), so if you see a strange guy covered in different shades of color, don’t be afraid.  Thats just me, goofing off.  So in the infamous words of dredmanj…”Roc on!”


Oh happy day!

March 6, 2007

     Just recently, I found a copy of Photoshop that a friend of my gave a while back.  I’m telling you, I’ve been looking for this for a long time.  I thought a lost it for a moment.  Even worse, I thought I would never find it because my dad rearrange my room when I was gone in Orlando, Florida.  So as soon as Iget home and get my school work done and out of the way, I’m firing that CD up to see how Photoshop works.

     I hope this software will allow me to do what I want to do with my drawings.  Being able to manipulte different images, colors, shapes, and all kinds of things.  This would give me some experience under my belt whenever I apply to Full Sail Academy.  I just wish I could find a tutorial on how to use Photoshop on the internet so it will be a lot easier.  Once I get my pictures up and running in Photoshop, I will show the world (or the internet) some pictures from my portfolio.  When I display them on the internet, give any feedback about what you do and don’t like.  That way, I could use that feedback to make something greater in the near future.  Wish me luck on this Photoshop.  So in the infamous words of the great Dredmanj…”Roc on!”