Long time no see

March 5, 2007

I’m just driving to my house after work and all of a sudden I see a silver chrysler 300 parked in from of my house. I slowly approached the car to take a look at it and thought to myself “Since its a new 300, it must belong to one of my mom’s military friends”. And as soon as I walk in the kitchen area, I saw one of our best friends in the family that goes by the name of Lisa Shopshire.
Lisa Shopshire is one of my mom’s friends from the military. She used to be a drill sergant but moved to Georgia for a different job. She has a daughter that we use to take care of when she was little all the time. Now her daughter is 15 years old and taller than me. TALLER THAN ME!!! This girl used to be shorter than my mom (and my mom is short). I gotta see this for myself whenever she visits us.
Lisa has already been at my house talking to my mom since 5:00 in the afternoon. Just talking and laughing about the things that happened to us in the past and present. Mostly they were funny incidents that happened. Just this past Valentines Day, my dad got my mom, sister, and myself a Valentines gift for us. With my sister’s gift, she got a basket with a white bear sitting in the middle of the basket. My sister was so happy to get such a gift. When my mom saw the gift, she kept looking at the white bear in the basket. She then looked back and forth from the fireplace to my sister’s white bear and realized something. The same white bear that was in my sister’s basket was the same white bear that I gave my mom 2 years ago. When my mom told my dad about it, all he can say was “huh?”
We all had fun. Just getting together with old friends and talking. Lisa was only was here for 2 weeks because of her job so she will visit us again this Friday or Saturday. I don’t mind because man I tell you. She is a good M.I.L.F. For those who don’t know what a M.I.L.F. is, just “google” it and you will find out. Until the next time, good night


Long day @ work

March 4, 2007

Man I tell you…I AM TIRED!!! I never felt this tired from work in a long time. But I got to do what I got to do (mostly because of bills). I clocked in at 1:30 pm and already someone is complianing about who was suppose to open up Frank’s Franks (a hotdog stand) this morning and they all looked at me. Well, if they looked at the schedule (Justin: Saturday: 13:30-20:00) the other co-workers should shut their mouths right about now. And thats when we realized that our Store Manager (Billy Wood) messed up on the schedule again “DEE! DEE! DEE!”.
Next, you got the ordinary drama that lingers in the foodcourt. There has been a report of several workers in each shop (except for Frank’s Franks and Cinnabon) that has either given items at a discount price to other customers or stealing money from the station itself during the night shift. And because of that, most of the night shift of the shops in question are lacking in labor. So now they are pulling reliable workers”like myself” from the other shops to fill in. And now I will be working not only in Frank’s Franks, but also in Anthony’s Pizza and possibly Charley’s Steakery. I hope they get this labor problem fixed. Because when Manchu Wok opens on the 24th of March, we won’t be able to lend workers to other shops if they need help (especially on Family and Graduation Days). Oh well, “keep moving forward” and “go with the flow” I guess. I just need a good nights sleep and everything will be okay at work ( I hope). Good Night.


Trying to draw again

March 3, 2007

Its been a while since I drew anything in my portfolio. The last time I drew a picture inside of it was when I was trying to get accepted to Savannah College or Art and Design (SCAD) in 2005. I always told myself that whenever I get a day off of work, school, or both, I will spend the entire day doing nothing but draw. But unfortunately, that never happens. There is always something a comes up to prevent me from drawing. Family, friends, and all that jazz. Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad thing. It just that these constant interuptions always occur whenever I get a day off of work, school, or both. Thats why I didn’t get accepted to SCAD at the time.
When I first tried to apply for SCAD, I got all the proper procedures out of way. The only thing left was my portfolio. There had to be 10 original drawings of my work inside that portfolio. So what I decided to do is get some books on learning how to draw different types of characters. Since I’m into the Japanese animation sort of thing, the books I purchased are called “How to draw Manga” series. They tell you step-by-step in great (sometimes confusing) details on how to draw different characters. It started off real well, until I get to a certain aspect of a character and I had to buy a different book to learn it. Things like how to get the different shape of a person’s head, hair style, arms, legs, feet, and all sorts of stuff.
So my question to anyone who is reading this post right now, if you know any references that has anything to do with drawing, please respond to this post as soon as you can. I would really appriciate it so much. I just don’t want my skills in drawing to diminish with the time that it passing by as we speak.


The Real World: Denver

March 2, 2007

I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people who are familiar with the Real World series on MTV. For thoses who are not familar with it, The Real World series is a reality show that that follows the lives of seven different people from different places all over the world in one house in a differents state. The current Real World season is taking place in Denver, Colorado.

The reason I’m bringing this up is because I was discussing my opinion about the movie BrokeBack Mountian (Look for “Opinion of BrokeBack Mountian” if you didn’t read it yet) and it reminded me of a certain person in the current season that goes by the name of J. Davis Mallory, IV, also known as Davis. He is a homosexual who was raised in a christian family. But he didn’t discovered his homosexuality until in his teens. After he told his mother about it, his mother had a complete fit. His mother made comments like he is going to hell, he’s not her son, and all sorts of things you probably wouldn’t hear about one’s own son.
Just hearing something like that just hurts me down to the core. To hear your own mother say something like that to you instead of being open-minded is very difficult. But you know what? I have a remedy for that. Not a remedy, but more like advice from one person to another. “If you ever find yourself in a tough situation, a situation that might seem unbearable, the answer to conquer this is to MOVE FOWARD”. Regardless if you get a positive or negative results, you have to move foward in order to conquer one’s fears, frustrations, and doubts instead of doing nothing in the process. And if don’t do nothing because you thought it wouldn’t help at all, then you will be doing less than nothing. Because time does not stop for nobody in this world, no matter how much we would want it to.


Opinion of Brokeback Mountian

March 1, 2007

     Now when you hear the name “BrokeBack Mountian”, you get all these negative ideas in your head and claiming that you will never see a movie like that.  Even if you just heard rumors or read about the movie, you thought to yourself that you will not see this movie.  Unfortunately, I did see the movie two days ago.  The only thing I like about the movie is the story plot.  Its just about two men who get intimate with one another on the a mountian called “BrokeBack” during the summer.  The intimancy starts from a night of heavy drinking with both Ennis and Jack and  their feelings for one another deepens as the years passes by.

     In terms of tradition, I don’t think that there should be any homosexual relationships at all because it is disgusting and its stated in the Bible.  But there is a question that appears not too often in the minds of others when it comes to this subject.  Are they happy?  This question not only applies to homosexuals, but also heterosexuals as well.  I mean, if you are happy with being intimate with the same sex, then that should all that matters, regardless.  In the era we live in now, there are more people “coming out of the closet” than in the past.  Back in the old days, if someone’s homosexuality was broadcast around there area, then there would be trouble for them.  From name calling to possibly killing them because of their homosexuality.  But times has change, and since man-kind has learned to accept ‘whatever is whatever’ people are becoming less frightened to broadcast their sexuality.  I’m not much of a christian, but more of an open-minded person.  So if you prefer a man over a woman or vise versa, then hell, go all out.  If that what brings you happiness, then you keep it.  There are too many people getting hurt because of this matter.  The feelings of others should be taken in account for rather than to shut out them out of your lives because of their preferences.  As long as that love still exists in your heart for one another, then everyone is an equal.

     You know, a couple of days ago, a friend at work ask me about another co-worker stated that the way she moves and acts gives her the impression that she is a homosexual.  Saying she acts more like a boy than a girl and looking at attractive females instead of attractive males.  I told her:  “Thats fine with me.  That just lets me know that girl and myself both like females”.


My vacation/training in Orlando, Florida Pt. 6

February 25, 2007

Its Friday, Feburary 16, 2007. The time now is 6:00 am. I’m downstairs in front of the hotel with the other co-workers packing all of our stuff so we can get ready to return to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Everyone was excited to just return home to their families and friends. But wait! What happened after our day off to the Universal Studios and Downtown Disney?
Well, from Monday to Thursday, the majority of the time was spent on getting use to cooking on the woks. Ben told us that we were learning very fast and ahead of the work schedule that we were suppose to follow. So he decided that we will learn how to use the different size woks and on Wednesday and Thursday we will take turns working day and night shifts. He split us into 2 groups. The first group will work the morning shift on Wednesday (luckly I was in the first group) and the second group will work the night shift. And we will switch on Thursday and do the same.
On Wednesday, we decided to give our General Manager (Billy Wood) a Valentines Day gift to show him we really appreciate what he’s done for us ever since he started working with us last year. So after we got off that Wednesday afternoon, me and one of the co-workers decided to get him a few things. We got a small glass vase and some balloons from the Dollar Tree and we got the candy to put inside the vase from Target. We was going to get some more things from Wal-Mart, but we know it will be packed inside. So after the second group got off the night shift, we all met in my room to make sure all the preparations were ready and we delivered it to Billy. He was surprised and happy that he got a give from all of us. And it all cost us only $23 dollars (he doesn’t need to know all that). On our last day, we gave Ben and his co-workers a farewell card to show our appriciation for all they’ve done for us. We said our goodbyes and left that night from Mancuh Wok, even though we were all happy to leave. Now back to our trip back to Columbia, South Carolina.
Since we left our hotel before 7:00 am, we figured that we will be in Columbia by 1:30 pm or so. So we stopped to get some breakfast from McDonalds, fill the van with gas, and we were back on the interstate. On the way back, we were all reminiscing about what we thought about the Manchu Wok. We all said that it wasn’t very sanitary and had so many roaches down there that it didn’t make any sense. But Billy told us that our job is to learn the proper procedures in Manchu Wok and not about the sanitation that takes place. So we just left it at that. After a couple of hours of listening to my Ipod(and loud snoring from 2 of the co-workers), we finally made it back to Fort Jackson. I knew the other co-workers were happy too and the 2 co-workers that were sleeping “mysteriously” woke up at the same time we appeared at the entrance of gate 2 of Fort Jackson. After I saw the entrance to gate 2 of Fort Jackson, I said to myself “It was great to be back”. Now all we have to do is make preparations to get the Machu Wok on Fort Jackson ready for March. Its gonna be hard, but we must go forward in life to get things done, I guess.

The End (arent’t you glad this is the end?)


My vacation/training in Orlando, Florida Pt.5

February 25, 2007

Ah, its Sunday, Feburary 11, 2007. The time now is 8:00 am and I’m waiting outside of the hotel for the rest of my co-workers so we can enjoy our one day off. As soon as the rest of the co-workers arrived, we went off to some of the attractions that Orlando, Florida had to offer.
While we was on the interstate, we all discussed where do we want to go. Everyone said that they really don’t care, but me on the other hand…I would suggested that we all go to Universal Studios. Compare to Disney World, Universal Studios was a lot more fun because of the rides and the resturants they had. But that was when I was 11 years old though. So we ended going to Universal Studios and found a good parking space around 10:30. And it was easy to remember because the parking lot that we parked in had a yellow sign that had a number and said “Remember King Kong”, which was pretty unique. All the other levels of the parking lot had other signs that said something like “Remember Jaws” or “Remember Jurassic Park”.
To our surprise, Universal Studios wasn’t open until 11:00 am. Good thing that was got there before the crowd showed up. When Universal Studios finally opened, it looked like all hell had broke loose. There were little kids screaming, the different cartoon characters were hugging them screaming kids, and many tourists (like us) walking around to see what’s there to do.
The question “Does anyone want to go on any rides?” was brought up and most of my co-workers said that they don’t like riding rides. Hmph! What a bunch of wimps! But there were only 2 co-workers out of the 5 that do love going on rides…Me and a Mrs. Joan. But when we saw the prices, we decided not to go on any rides. Hell, do you think I will pay $77 dollars just to ride some rides for one day, you are crazy (if there were any coupons at our rooms like the resemptionist said there were, things might be a little different).
We decided to walk around to see what places are in Universal Studios and at the same time, I was taking pictures of the places we were passing by. The Hard Rock cafe sign, The Universal Studio globe, and anything that might catch my eye. I stopped by 2 souvenir shops while we was walking. The first one I got all my family’s shot glasses from. My mom’s shot glass says “Diva” and my dad’s says “Assume the position PLEASE!!!”. My sister’s shot glass says “Drink until he’s cute” and mines said “Chicks Rule!”. Next, I saw a Universal Studios store to get the rest of the souvenirs. Everyone in my family will get 2 gifts (that way no one will argue who has the best gift). I bought my parents, sister and myself a T-shirt. Mines, in particular, had a picture of spider-man crawling in the shadows (I bought it because it looked so cool). I bought my first 2 cousins their birthday gifts because one of their birthdays is in Feburary while the other is in March. One had a Spider-man plate set and the other had a Dora the Explorer plate set. I bought my sister’s best friend Brandi (now considered family because we see her everyday) a spider-man dog tag with her name on it and a shot glass (from the other store) that has the recipe of a “Sex on the Beach” drink.
It was already noon after I done my shopping and everyone got a little hungry. We decided to go to different resturants according to our desire. Me and Mrs. Joan decided we wanted to go to the Bob Marley resturant. But when we got there, it was closed until 4:00 pm because it was a bar-type of resturant. So I took pictures of the place and walked away (crying inside) to meet with everyone else at a resturant that is Bubba Grump’s Shrimp. I just bust out laughing because it was named after the character in the movie “Forest Gump” and what do know…the resturant was playing the movie as well to entertain the customers. I usually don’t eat seafood because I couldn’t get past the smell that comes with it. But after a tried some shrimp lunch basket, it was pretty good. After our meal, we decided to leave and take a trip to Downtown Disney.
I never thought Downtown Disney would be huge. The only problem is the parking. Ever since the first day we got to Orlando, I notice something…there are some crazy drivers down here! Anyways, since we were staying for an hour and a half (2:00), we decided to explore around by ourselves and come back at the enterance. Knowing me, I took pictures of many stores that I came across. The Disney Quest attraction, Hollywood Stars or something, especially the Virgin Records store. I spend most of my time there because of the music playing. The song that was playing was called “Say it Right” by Nelly Furtado. I found myself dancing to it with some of the workers at the store. Before I realized, it was time to go (awww!).
We got back to our hotel around 2:30. I found myself dancing to “Say it Right” again. I just couldn’t help myself. After all of that (while listening to more music), I took a shower and took a nap.
Hours later, me and the co-workers decided to get together so we can study for the recipes in Manchu Wok. Because when we get back tomorrow, it won’t be easy. So we memorized and revised our notes, referred to our huge recipe book, and studied our butts off. After they let, I put my stuff up, went to sleep, and cried (sarcastically) because I know we had to report to work again the next day.

*To be continued…